We Bought an RV!

When my husband said to me a few months ago "Let's get an RV," he never expected in a million years I'd say "Yes!" I mean what person in their right mind who has never been camping before let alone in an RV would agree to such a crazy, spontaneous idea? I blame it on the alcohol.

After doing some research and getting fully on board so to speak, we started our search for an RV to call our own. We decided on a Class C motorhome (the kind with the bed over the cab) and knew we wanted at least two full size beds. So many nights spent wedding through Craigslist posts and so many email replies saying "sorry, already sold," and we were about to give up. Who knew the used RV market was as hot as the San Francisco housing market?

We finally found one still for sale close enough to look at after work before it could get snatched up and went to check it out. We quickly determined that a 25 foot RV was too big for us to handle. We found a smaller one to check out and quickly learned why it was still available. The RV had no brakes! Scary. We left that appointment feeling pretty hopeless we'd ever find "the one." We stopped for lunch and out of habit both pulled out our phones checking Craigslist for any new RV for sale. Low and behold, a new post had just popped up touting a 22 foot Class C RV in excellent condition located just two hours away. We called right away and arranged to see it that day.

If you've read the title of this post, you probably already know what I'm about to say next... we bought the RV! Introducing our 1999 Gulfstream Cavalier 22 foot Class C RV on a V10 Ford chassis. Our new ride (home?) sleeps six (six very tiny people, I imagine), with a fridge, oven, microwave, and bathroom!

I have grand plans of repainting the cabinets white, switching out the hardware, adding a faux mosaic tile back splash, and replacing the curtains, cushions, and bedding. Here are some ideas for the RV renovation.

Please don't mind the poor quality photos of us after picking up the RV and bringing it to it's new home on Treasure Island! We figured out how to fill er up and enjoyed our first of hopefully many meals at the dining table! We're so excited to start this new adventure exploring our new state of California from palms to pines!

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